Almec Sàrl

Almec is an engineering workshop. The company manufactures custom-made mechanical parts and assembles complete component groups. It is also active in project management, from raw materials supply via manufacturing to final assembly. It has a 400 m2 production hall, with several industrial machines capable of machining work pieces up to 2.5 tons.

Almec was founded in 2006 by two Master Technicians, one of whom was Henri-Philippe Granger. It was originally based in Evionnaz and concentrated chiefly on the subcontracted manufacture of mechanical parts. Henri-Philippe Granger subsequently took over sole control of the company. The company moved to Collombey in 2012, due to the lack of space for expansion on its current premises. Almec now has an area of 400m2, divided between the offices, the production hall and the various rooms. Since operating his own precision engineering workshop, Henri-Philippe Granger, an engineer in general mechanics by training, has continuously improved the manufacturing quality of his complex parts, a fact unanimously acknowledged by his customers. A demand for perfection, which goes hand in hand with high-tech production equipment such as various machining centres and the largest CNC levelling machine in the Canton, coupled moreover with predictive maintenance. As for the computer system, it is fully up-to-date with CAM, ERP, and CAE/CAD.


Manufacture and project management

Almec’s two main activities are concerned with machining of high-precision mechanical parts as a subcontractor for the machine industry, as well as the overhaul of machinery, the pre-assembly of new groups, and on-site maintenance. Since last April, Henri-Philippe Granger has also developed a technical design department that specialises particularly in managing projects, in order to design and then produce entire machines. The process involves the manufacture of the parts, their supply and their assembly.


No deviation accepted

As well as seeking to ensure the long-term viability and reliability of his small company, Henri-Philippe Granger continues to make investments, entirely self-financed, in order to further optimise the manufacturing performance. The main point from which no deviation is accepted is the customer’s satisfaction with the technical quality. The company is committed to supplying parts that are consistent with its philosophy of undisputed quality. It means that in 2013, Almec did not record a single part returned due to being defective.

Year of establishment: 2006
Director: Henri-Philippe Granger
Address: En Bovéry A, 1868 Collombey
Telephone: +41 (0) 27 767 30 03
Contact :  informations [at] almec.ch
Number of employees: 4
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