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E-Health Day 09.06.2017

E-Health Day

Digital health, or e-health, is one of the major issues of the 21st century. The fifth e-health day taking...




Sierre accueillera une importante conférence sur le diagnostic médical

Les diagnostics médicaux évoluent rapidement grâce aux nouvelles technologies. Grâce...


Adventures-Lab lance son tapis de jeu en réalité augmentée au VR-Forum de Crans

La start-up Adventures Lab, basée au TechnoArk de Sierre et accompagnée dans le cadre de...


A Battery Charger to Optimise Solar Energy Use

To develop and market a battery charger which is easily adaptable to photovoltaic panels and offers better performance than current standards

Portrait of the month

Cosmotec SA

Cosmotec was formed in 1988 and specialises in the development and manufacture of cosmetic products,...

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