The Ark: promoting innovation in the Valais

The Ark Foundation provides practical assistance to help enterprises increase their competitiveness. Its aim is to build a dynamic and diverse economy within the canton of Valais.

To achieve this, The Ark promotes the development of new knowledge originating from Switzerland’s universities of applied sciences and from cantonal and national research organisations. It also draws together different networks of excellence at local, national and international level.

The Ark is the product of the local authorities’ strategy of creating a science and technology park in the Valais. The particular features of this park are that it is spread across six different sites, and focuses on three specific areas:

The Ark responds to these specific needs and expectations via its three services, IncubatorAccelerator and Innovation. Each of these services offers targeted, practical support to innovative entrepreneurs within the Foundation’s three chosen specific fields.

The Ark was created in 2004 by the local economic development body, the Département de l'Economie, de l'Energie et du Territoire du canton du Valais.

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