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Soprod SA

Soprod has been developing and manufacturing reliable, high-performance mechanical and quartz movements for the Swiss watch industry since 1966. The Sion site began producing quartz movements in the 1990s, initially concentrating on low-cost products, but changed its emphasis in 2008 in favour of high-added-value "Swiss Made" movements, and then began making movements that are "connected" (via smartphones). It was in 2008 that this SME became part of the Festina group which, through its various companies, has expert knowledge of the components essential to the manufacture of mechanical and quartz movements.

Products and client base 

Soprod's Sion site (formerly known as Indtec) is involved in the design and manufacture of cutting dies and injection moulds, the production of cut and injection-moulded parts, and the development and production of quartz movements. It is one of the world's top three manufacturers of quartz movements.

In the last few years, Soprod has specialised in connected watches. It manufactures and develops the connected movements and the software used by the most prestigious watch brands. In this way, the company offers a choice of applications and functions that its clients can adapt to their ranges and designs. 

The company invests heavily in innovation, working with the HES-SO Valais-Wallis and Icare research institutes in particular. Several innovation projects have also been successfully completed with support from The Ark Foundation. Through this approach, Soprod intends to become the global leader in the connected movements sector. 

Soprod Sion also produces high-precision micro-injection-moulded polymer components for watch movements, as well as other technical components used in a very varied range of fields. It has a specialist research centre and extensive, efficient production facilities, and can deal with design, mould manufacture, impression, tooling, production and ad hoc quality control, in accordance with the specifications provided.


Date founded: 1966
Director: Jérôme Carta
Address: Rue de la Blancherie 61, 1950 Sion
Telephone: +41 27 329 08 30
Website: www.soprod.ch
E-Mail: info.sion@soprod.ch
Number of employees: 80
Fondation The Ark - Rue de l'Industrie 23 - 1950 Sion - Suisse | Réservation de salles