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Simnet SA

Simnet is a specialist company providing a full range of IT services to business and domestic clients throughout western Switzerland. "We turn your technology into an advantage" is the main slogan used by this SME, which employs a dozen or so people in Verbier and Martigny.


Client base and markets

Simnet is a family-run business whose main activity is managing and maintaining business IT equipment. It is also involved in hardware sales, network management, home automation, security, IT crisis management and website design.


The company offers IT services to clients throughout Switzerland, including Radio Chablais, TéléVerbier, the government of the Valais canton, and the Comina Architecture group.


Developments and innovations

Simnet has recently begun to increase its presence in the rapidly-expanding field of construction and building automation. Its product, Simetis, was developed as a result of demand from different partners in the construction industry and is designed to monitor and control energy use within a building. It offers all the advanced functions of a sophisticated home automation controller, and contains a solution that is flexible enough to accommodate specific developments tailored to each market. This multi-protocol solution can interface with almost all known technical installations on the market (heating, ventilation, etc.).


Simnet is also working in conjunction with the CREM (Centre de Recherches Energétiques Municipales), the urban energy systems research centre at Martigny, and the Idiap Research Institute to improve the efficiency of a heating regulation system. In general, it welcomes opportunities to build relationships with partners so that new products can be developed to meet clients' needs. 

Date founded: 2001
Directors : Mathieu and Guillaume Simon
Address: Chemin des Marais Verts 91936 Verbier
Telephone: +41 27 771 67 87
Email: gsimon@simnetsa.ch
Website: www.simnetsa.ch
Number of employees: 12
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