Health Innovation Square : innovating to improve healthcare

The Health Innovation Square is the product of scientific, medical, financial and technological collaboration, coordinated by The Ark Foundation. Its mission is to promote innovation and progress in healthcare, and it wants to draw on all the local expertise in healthcare, research, education and training, and finance. 



The Health Innovation Square is based at the Champsec medical site in Sion. Its objectives are:

  • To develop innovative, high-added-value projects that are directly related to the healthcare system.
  • To create synergies between the different stakeholders (healthcare professionals, patients, researchers, startup creators, entrepreneurs, trainers, manufacturers, etc.) to facilitate the creation, evaluation and implementation of innovations.
  • To provide a centre of excellence in healthcare and, more specifically, in those areas in which the Valais canton has leading-edge expertise, namely rehabilitation, traumatology, sports medicine, rescue in extreme environments and health data management.
  • To promote and capitalise on the actors and the various areas of expertise. 


Role of The Ark Foundation

As the key partner of innovation and healthcare since 2007, The Ark Foundation plays a role as a solution accelerator and ecosystem mobiliser within the Health Innovation Square. 

The role involves: 

  • Being a proactive force in anything concerned with innovation.
  • Initiating partnerships between the actors in the ecosystem.
  • Offering a healthcare innovation support scheme.
  • Helping entrepreneurs to exploit the economic value of innovative projects.


The Ark's areas of expertise

The Ark Foundation is able to achieve its objectives by drawing on areas of expertise that have been built up over many years. These include: 

  • Spotting needs within healthcare, through tools such as healthcare hackathons, co development workshops, and brainstorming sessions that use design thinking or other collaborative methods.
  • Creating spaces for dialogue to promote a culture of innovation, through conferences and themed events.
  • Offering a technological, economic and subject area monitoring service related to healthcare innovations. 
  • Supporting researchers, healthcare professionals, startup creators and SMEs through an acceleration programme offering tailored support and through the provision of development spaces. 
  • Developing platforms and tools that promote dialogue and the brainstorming of new ideas and projects. 



The Square's actors

The Health Innovation Square enjoys a special position within a unique healthcare ecosystem. It can draw on the expertise of:

  • a flourishing regional hospital (Hôpital du Valais) and cross-disciplinary clinical activities (Institut Central des Hôpitaux Valaisans) 
  • a well-known clinic, specialising in rehabilitation (Clinique romande de réadaptation-SUVA) 
  • prestigious academic institutions (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, HES-SO Valais/Wallis, Institut de recherche en réadaptation-réinsertion, Institut de Recherche en Ophtalmologie)
  • organisations conducting health and demographic studies (Observatoire Valaisan de la Santé, Service de la santé publique)
  • as well as a solid network of partners (manufacturers, umbrella organisations, etc). 

Have you got an idea, an innovative solution, or a recurrent challenge to be solved? Maybe you are looking for support or for partners who can help you implement your project or exploit its economic potential? If so, then contact us at email10511010211164116104101971141074699104


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