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Swissaustral Biotech: Extreme Biotechnology

Swissaustral Biotech SA is specialized on biotechnological applications of microorganisms from extreme environments, Extremophiles, and their bioactive compounds. These compounds encompass enzymes, secondary metabolites, biostabilizers, special proteins and biosurfactants among others.

Commercially, Swissaustral Biotech is decidedly “Customer Oriented” and “Market Driven”, emphasizing active interactions with our prospective and existing clients.

Immediately available are highly specialized Research Services related to “extreme” microbiology and biochemistry. Starting from our customer’s needs and requirements Swissaustral Biotech provides, for example:

  • Screening of our exclusive collection of novel and unique extremophiles, for special enzymatic activities, presence of sought-after biomolecules as well as the potential of microorganisms themselves to carry out bioprocesses.
  • Isolation and complete purification / characterization of the enzymes and biomolecules our customers are interested in.
  • Isolation, purification and biochemical characterization of other biomolecules present on extremophiles that our customers are interested in.
  • Developing lab-scale proof-of-concept bioprocesses involving living microorganisms.
  • Technical support to our customers for isolating and growing of extremely difficult to handle microorganisms, as well as developing purification protocols for novel enzymes; including strict anaerobic conditions in all cases.

We carry out our services in a step wise approach, as far as technically possible, thus allowing our clients to decide at the end of each research step about the further development and direction of the service. 

These services are carried through our agreement with Fundación Biociencia, a research institution in Chile, exclusively dedicated to extremophilic research and development.

The collection of extremophilic microorganisms is permanently growing and the isolates are routinely screened for the qualitative presence of different enzymatic and biocompound activities. It is therefore possible that specific microorganisms can already be suggested as candidates for the solutions our customers are looking for.


Reto Hartmann, Phone: +41 79 700 12 50, e-mail: email1141011161114610497114116109971101106411511910511511597117115116114971084699104

Jenny M. Blamey, Ph.D., Member of the Board, Chief Scientific Officer
Phone: +56 2 343 25 78, e-mail: email10698108971091011216411511910511511597117115116114971084699104

Olivier P. Rickmers, Member of the Board
Phone: +56 2 343 25 78, e-mail: email111114105991071091011146411511910511511597117115116114971084699104

Swissaustral Biotech: www.swissaustral.ch
Fundación Biociencia : www.bioscience.cl

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