3D2Cut is a start-up that researches and develops assistance systems, particularly systems for vine pruning, using machine learning (AI).

Avogen Tech

Avogen Tech is a start-up company whose mission is to develop a new generation of Electronic Cigarette.


BrainCredible empowers every person and organization of the world to achieve more through neurotechnology. Our corporate vision is to provide means to accelerate the understanding of the human brain beyond...


Ceidos has developed a machine that automates the production of cell therapies, which are used in particular as a treatment for cancer.


Covoon is developing a protective case system for transporting objects. The protective cases are connected and thermo-regulated. 


DePoly has developed a method of chemically recycling PET back into purified raw materials. DePoly saves about 7,000 litres of oil per tonne of PET produced, and reduces the energy required to produce...


Edidact is developing innovative educational resources for use with the school curriculum for the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The technology used in these resources is based on gamification and...


Emissium is an ecosystem of peers that join forces to provide real-time environmental impacts of the electricity grid. It contributes to grid decarbonisation by making the implementation of environmental...


The ultimate goal of Emissium is to propose an application that would be available at home to track live CO2 emitted by each person. Whether it's by using light, taking a shower or cooking.


Fishlab proposes a solution for monitoring fish flows allowing an inventory, in near-real time, of individuals and biomass, by species. The solution includes a box filming 24 hours a day, 365 days a year...


Hydrell has developed a sustainable process that utilizes wastewater with a high organic load, with energy and clean water as end products. Hydrell's technology is based on active microbes acting as...

JM Contactless

JM Contactless is developing and marketing a cashless payment solution for event organisers.


The start-up Mineral is developing a solid, natural toothpaste in tablet form, made in Switzerland without plastic packaging.


MobyFly will be at the forefront of 21st century mass transportation, designing and delivering fast, efficient, zero-emission hydrofoil boats that will change waterborne travel forever.


The main purpose of NovoCHizol as a company is to hold the intellectual property of NovochizolTM and to research, develop, commercialise, industrialise and industrially apply materials containing NovochizolTM...


Outopia supports the development of environmentally friendly outdoor tourism, where local professionals are the leaders, transmitting the values of this environment to those who aspire to discover it sustainably....


Qaptis tackles climate change by capturing the CO2 at their source.

REM Analytics

REM Analytics offers a complete development service. From proof of concept to production-ready prototype. They develop new microbiome-based therapies for various health conditions, including new customized...


Stratokit is a platform for the integration of various business software programs used in the construction market.


SurgiGuide is a fully integrated and digitized platform that targets dentists to provide them with a modeling and design service for surgical guides delivered to practices.


TorPower provides a modular biomass energy production system. The robust nature of the solution proposed makes it particularly suitable for use in emerging economies, allowing them to exploit agricultural...


Tracy.ai aims to make e-bikes smarter by providing personalized predictions related to e-bike rides, battery health and range. For example, the startup aims to use personalized battery life predictions...

UHCS – Ustinov Hoffmann Construction System

UHCS is a patented modular construction system developed in Switzerland that is made of recycled PET. Because the UHCS system recycles available non-biodegradable PET and uses it to meet international...


Urbio is a web platform that accelerates the transition of utilities to clean energy. We automate the design of new energy assets like solar or district heating with 90% time savings to better inform investment...


ViRelieve is a development-stage biotechnology company focused on the development of novel antiviral therapies to treat infections using protein interference technology. 


WattAnyWhere is developing an innovative solution for the production of BioEnergy (i.e., the production of electricity from biomass) without polluting emissions, without noise, which can be set up on site...


Active in the industrial circular economy, WaVa offers an open marketplace for the resale of industrial by-products. WaVa manages the legal documentation of materials passing through the platform and organizes...

Workshop 4.0

Robotic solutions, 3D modeling & creative engineering for events, industries, arts, B2B, B2C.

YONI Solutions

YONI Solutions is an healthcare company which aims at improving the results in vaginal microbiome analysis that are linked to the fertility of women, in order to increase the success rates of In Vitro...

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