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E-Health Day

Digital health, or e-health, is one of the major issues of the 21st century. The fifth e-health day taking place on 8-9 June at TechnoArk will give you the chance to discover both Swiss and international expertise in this field. There will be a particular focus on the "virtual and augmented reality for health purposes".

This year, the traditional conference day will be preceded by an afternoon session in which you can participate in pre-arranged B2B meetings. Additionally, IBM, which has developed its Watson Health tool specializing in artificial intelligence, will give an inspiring lecture on the rise of cognitive computing for health services.

Presentations from both Swiss and international participants will take place on the second day. Leading speakers from major companies and institutions such as Microsoft, Cedars-Sinai Hospital (Los Angeles), IRCAD, Mindmaze be in Sierre.


You can see the full programme and book your place now at www.theark.ch/e-health !



E-Health Day
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